Too Stressed To Meditate?

Days can become hectic, life’s struggles build up, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all that you need? Does this sound like you? Did you know that meditation could be a remedy to the anxiety you may feel? However, could you feel too stressed to meditate? It’s a common excuse and truth. Let’s explore…


Meditation can be one of the greatest ways to reduce stress. It can reset your nervous system, calming your mind which then leads to you being able to manage thoughts, emotions and thought patterns more effectively. Meditation causes the relaxation response in your body to kick in.


Meditation can help with chronic inflammation, borderline high blood pressure, PTSD and it can lower the stress causing hormone, cortisol. But when these issues are activated, the last thing you may be able to do is sit still. Just thinking about sitting still to meditate, may make you anxious! So could there be a minimum amount of meditation that can be done, but still get the stress reducing benefits? I’m not sure that has been determined, however a few studies have been done that reinforce how meditation reduces stress.


For instance, one study has shown that doing an 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction session, can activate the brain increasing memory, sense of self, empathy and reduce stress. Does the thought of an 8 week session add to your stress, does it seem like too much time? Well you’re in luck, another study states that meditating just 25 minutes a day for  three consecutive days can be effective in reducing stress. You can get results with any amount of meditation you can handle…thats what I hear!


The first step in meditation is to be present in the moment, to be present in the stress you feel. Take a deep breathe and practice meditation for as long as you can. Be gentle with yourself and don’t get upset if you fall short of your expectations. I fell that the more you try, even in small doses, you will feel the benefits, which will encourage longer sessions. Be disciplined, and be careful to not confuse the compassion you might feel for your overwhelming stress, as an excuse to not meditate. Remember, self discipline is key. Namaste.











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