One of my favorite parts of summer has to be the fresh garden vegetables! Even though summer is coming to a close, the garden is still producing a wonderful variety of tomatoes to enjoy! Tomatoes come in a variety of types, colors, and sizes. Heirloom tomatoes to me have the best fresh summer taste and can be used in so many things! The types of heirloom tomatoes vary quite a bit too. I planted heirloom beefsteak, heirloom brandywine, and a sweet yellow Sun Sugar cherry tomato. There is also a new type called Black Krim and they are a beautiful green, red and almost black shade. Great flavor too! A new favorite of my summer planting is the San Marzano tomato. This variety is the pride of Italy, right in my own back yard! They are revered for their amazing flavor and make the best tomato sauces and pastes for all your Italian cooking needs.


The uses for tomatoes are endless. I eat them whole, throw them in salads, on a sandwich, cherry tomatoes in the kids’ lunch boxes, fresh or cooked salsa, caprese, chopped for a tapinade, chopped for bruschetta, pasta sauces, grilled on the BBQ, stuff them, and the list can go on and on!! A new and fun use for tomatoes is to barter them! If you have a friend or neighbor maybe you can trade your tomatoes for their garden abundance of choice!!


All in all, summer is not complete with out tomatoes. Since I have such a love for them, I felt it necessary to find out why I can eat them and know they are food for my health and soul.


Health Benefits of Tomatoes:


Great source of lycopene

Anti-Cancer benefits from Antioxidants

Vitamin C

Fresh tomatoes can lower cholesterol levels


Reduce heart disease

Vitamin and mineral rich

Contain Phytonutrients

Improve digestion

Strengthens immune system

Reduces blood clot risks

Increases fat burning capacity

Reduces breast cancer risks due to carotenoids


The color of a tomato does not decrease the health benefits either. They are all good for you. Each in their own wonderful ways. Enjoy the fruits of summer before they are gone!!


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