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Ways to Fall Asleep

Getting a good nights sleep is key for your health and wellness. Some days getting that recommended amount of sleep might be a bit challenging. As well, you may lay down to sleep, but struggle to fall asleep. What can you do to hit the hay faster? Here are a few ways to fall asleep naturally and get the good nights sleep you need.


Set the temperature of your room to a cool 68, keep it clean, dark and quiet. You have to create ideal conditions to make your sleep more sound. Keep any night lights  you choose to have in your room at a distance, to keep the room as dark as possible.


The clothing you wear to bed are important too. Pajamas should be soft and comfortable and not too tight. Make sure they are breathable.


The next preparation I like to consider sleep meditation, or mindfulness. This really ties in the ‘counting sheep’ visualization. You need to lie down and tense up all your muscles, then work on slowly releasing and relaxing those muscles. You have to tell your body it is time to relax and go to sleep. Take deep, consistent breaths, while visualizing something thats repetitive, like counting sheep. (Just writing about this is making me sleepy! )


Another step that can help you fall asleep is again to set the mood in the room. Loud sounds will keep the body alert and tense. These sounds could be a dog barking, honking traffic or maybe a train going by. They are not going to allow your mind or body to relax for sleep. So try to create some white noise to drown out those distractions. Play some light classical music, or some earthy music like the sound of raindrops, waves, or wind. These light consistent sounds can coincide with your breathing and soothe the body and mind to sleep.


The last couple suggestions are again targeting at preparing your body for calm, still rest. Turn off the electronics, TV and work at least an hour before bed. This allows the brain to turn off work mode and realize it is dark and time for bed. The lights from electronics trick the brain into thinking it is still daytime and prepares the brain to stay awake. Read a book instead.


I hope some or all of these tips might help you get a better nights sleep. I know its time for me to shut down my computer and prepare for bed. Good night everyone!



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