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Yoga Poses To Balance The Chakras

Try these yoga poses to balance the chakras within you.



IMG_7612Seated Forward Bend

Use this pose to enhance your communication and self-expression.





Sounds To Make:

Mantra (activating): Ham

Syllable (calming): ee (as in bee)





IMG_7615Sun Salutation

Use this pose to enhance your creativity and pleasure.





Sounds To Make:

Mantra (activating): Vam

Syllable (calming): oh (as in flow)








IMG_7591Bharadvaja’s Twist

Use this pose to enhance your personal power and self-esteem



Solar Plexus


Sounds To Make:

Mantra (activating): Ram

Syllable (calming): ah (as in father)








IMG_7620Camel Pose

Use this pose to enhance your inner peace.





Sounds To Make:

Mantra (activating): Yam

Syllable (calming): eh (as in say)






IMG_7596Warrior II Pose

Use this pose to enhance your survival and foundation.





Sounds To Make:

Mantra (activating): Lam

Syllable (calming): oo (as in moo)






IMG_7627Tree Pose

Use this pose to enhance your intuition and imagination.



Third eye


Sounds To Make:

Mantra (activating): Om

Syllable (calming): mm (as in sum)








IMG_7605Leg Up The Wall Pose

Use this pose to enhance your inspiration and sense of connection.





Sounds To Make:

Mantra (activating): (silence)

Syllable (calming): ng (as in sting)







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