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toxins in beauty products

Do you know how many toxins are in your beauty products?

Do you know how many toxins are in your beauty products? At Beautycounter, the mission is to get safe products into everyone’s hands. This means beauty products that go through a strict selection process to ensure you have a safe, effective beauty care options.


The proprietary formulas behind Beautycounter skincare and cosmetics are the result of extensive research, sound science, and innovative thinking. Our product development team works to continually create safe, effective, and desirable products for you and your family.


Every ingredient that goes into a Beautycounter product is chosen with intent. After eliminating the 1,500 possible ingredients banned by the European Union and the 11 banned in the U.S., we consider each ingredient individually, asking ourselves: Is it safe? Do we need it? Will it make the product better?


Beautycounter has a stringent and comprehensive Ingredient Screen that ensures ingredients are systemically evaluated using several important environmental health endpoints (i.e. carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, mutagenicity, skin and organ irritation).


Beautycounter consults with scientists and industry leaders working to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, and to develop safer, greener chemicals from the start. Our health and safety team collects data and information from many sources, including:




When Beautycounter formulators would like to use an ingredient that has no publicly available safety data, we consider the following:


  • Has it been used for a long time without any known health impacts?
  • Is this ingredient related to or structured like other chemicals for which there is data?
  • What is the source of the ingredient?
  • What kind of processing is it put through?
  • Is the molecule large, and therefore less likely to be absorbed by the skin?
  • Do we absolutely need this ingredient to have the product function?
  • Is this ingredient taking the place of a functional ingredient that is very undesirable from a safety standpoint?
  • Who else is using this ingredient?


If an ingredient is approved, Beautycounter will flag the lack of data, and search for emerging data on a quarterly basis. If studies later reveal a health concern, the product will be reformulated without that ingredient.




When Beautycounter is satisfied with a product’s formulation, efficacy, and performance in the lab, we send finished samples to a third-party testing facility to search for any background contamination. Products are sent to testing facilities twice a year or whenever there is a change in formulation to ensure our suppliers are maintaining trace or no-detect levels of potential contaminants like including lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.




All Beautycounter products are tested for potential irritation using computer modeling, in vitro test methods, dermatologist reviews, and trusty volunteers, including our staff, friends and clients of expert makeup artist Christy Coleman, our Vice President of Creative Design. Beautycounter does not test products on animals.


Please visit to learn more about Beautycounter. Get safe products into your hands today!

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