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Designed to emulate naturally flushed cheeks, Beautycounter Color Sweep Blush Duos deliver the perfect amount of healthy-looking, luminous color. These satiny powders contain Porcelain Flower Extract (a Thai bloom known for its antioxidant benefits) to help moisturize the skin, blending seamlessly. Two complementary shades—one slightly deeper than the other—can be worn alone, layered, or even mixed together for a third shade option.



At Beautycounter, we third-party test all of our color products for heavy metals before we bring them to market. We strive to achieve undetectable levels of heavy metals in our products and only proceed with shades that do not exceed our extremely low “allowable thresholds” for background heavy metals.


What are the greatest routes of exposure to heavy metals? A heavy metal is a metal that negatively affects human health. They are found naturally in the earth but become concentrated with hum an activities like mining and manufacturing. Common routes of exposure include air pollution, water, food, cigarettes, work, school and the home.  The most dangerous heavy metals are lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. When heavy metals build up in the body they can lead to neurological effects such as a lowered IQ, cancer, heart, lung, and kidney damage. Unfortunately heavy metals can be used in cosmetics primarily as a color additive. Even small amounts of heavy metals are concerning. But because heavy metals are ubiquitous, it is impossible to avoid them altogether in color cosmetics. for this reason, Beautycounter has set extremely low ‘allowable levels.’ For the most dangerous heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury) Beautycounter often has zero or “no detect” levels and have set the allowable levels to below 2 parts per million (PPM). This is a strict standard in an industry that usually does not test for contamination or set any limits.


The only way to be sure that you are not applying heavy metals to your skin is to refrain from using color cosmetics. The only way to be sure that your color cosmetics have been tested and carefully evaluated for heavy metals is to use Beautycounter.


Here are the beautiful color duo choices from Beautycounter:

color_sweep-blush_duo-tawny-whisper-195x195_1Tawny/Whisper:  Warm Tan with a hint of peach/Soft peach with a hint of pink


color_sweep-blush_duo-flamingo-apricot-195x195Flamingo/Apricot: Bright coral with a touch of sheen/Soft coral


color_sweep-blush_duo-bloom-tulip-195x195Bloom/Tulip: Cool pink with a touch of sheen/Soft Pink



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