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taklon bristle cosmetic brushes

Cosmetic Brush Collection

Beautycounter Cosmetics Brush Collection includes five essential brushes designed specifically for the face, eyes, and cheeks to achieve flawless application: Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Flat Complexion Brush, Crease Eye Brush, and All Over Eye Brush.

Inspired by artist paintbrushes, we designed all our Cosmetic Brush Collection to be weighted at the bristles to help you apply color in an ergonomic fashion. We also elongated the metal ring where the brush head meets the handle to help keep moisture away when washing—and extend the life of your tools. Our brushes are tailored to the size and shape of our cosmetics compacts, plus the bristle tips were custom crimped to pick up the ideal amount of powder or liquid formula.


Most cosmetic brushes on the market are commonly made from squirrel, mink, sable pony or camel hair. Our brushes are made only from animal hair free taklon bristles


Taklon bristles are:

– A safe alternative for people who have allergies to animal hair

– Easier to clean and do not hold on to bacteria – Shed less, if at all – Work with both cream and     powder makeup products

– The only way that you can know for sure that no animal was harmed in the creation of the brush

– Unique elongated brush ferrules ensure that water does not get in between the brush handle and the ferrule when washing. This helps to preserve the brush and handle



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