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some bunny loves you

Some Easter Bunny Fun

Have some Easter bunny fun with this adorable craft. You will need just few supplies, and you will have these cute bunny prints to give as Easter gifts to family and friends. Family time spent together making these, is awesome!



Some Bunny Loves You Craft:

Easter colored construction paper of your choice

washable white, black, red, &  pink paint

your favorite child(ren)



Cut construction paper into your favorite Easter shape, or leave as a rectangle. We kept it simple and made giant eggs.


Paint child’s hand and 4 fingers (DO NOT paint the thumb!!) with white paint. Have your child squeeze together their pinky/ring fingers and their pointer/middle fingers. This makes the bunny ears. Place hand print with fingers squeezed together, on your easter shape, press down to get good transfer. Carefully remove hand.


Add pink paint on the ears and make the bunny’s nose. Once it is dry, draw the bunny mouth with teeth, eyes and whiskers. You can also take it one step more creative and use pink felt on the ears, a pink pom pom for the nose, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers. Just depends how creative you’re feeling and what you have on hand for supplies.


Another choice is to punch a hole and add a pretty yarn or ribbon to make it easy to hang.


Once the bunny is dry, you can personalize it with what ever you like. You can choose to punch a hole and add a pretty yarn or ribbon to make it easy to hang, or not. Next step is to write a message to the recipient. We chose to let family and friends know “That some BUNNY loves you!”


Happy Easter, and enjoy your family, friends, food and fun!






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