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Senator Collins

No law has been passed since 1938

Did you know that no law has been passed since 1938 to regulate the cosmetic and beauty product industry? The shocking fact is, that on average, women use 12 products before leaving the bathroom each morning. That leads to exposure of over 100 chemicals before you even leave the bathroom!  That needs to change. Beautycounter is well aware of those dangerous chemicals and toxins, and thats why they have removed them, making safe products for every one. Founder Gregg Renfrew started Beautycounter with safety in the forefront, driven by a passion to make an impact and a change to the industry and advocate for stricter cosmetic safety laws.


Support for stricter cosmetic safety laws is supported and also advocated by Senators Feinstein (D-CA) and Collins (R-ME). They recently created and introduced a bill that will strengthen the laws. The Personal Care Products Safety Act (PCPSA) was written to address the concerns we all share regarding the lack of safety concerns in the cosmetic industry. Beautycounter supports the push to reform the laws, and that change is long over due.


If the PCPSA is passed into law it would give the FDA the authority to review ingredients in cosmetics and restrict those that are harmful. The bill also pushes for full disclosure of the ingredients used in cosmetics. Currently many harmful ingredients are hidden under “fragrances”, which are deemed to be trade secrets, protecting companies from revealing what harmful chemicals make up their products. The FDA would be given the power to recall products that pose serious health impacts. The PCPSA would give the public protection from the contaminants intentionally used in the beauty products we use daily.


Everyone can help with this fight and strengthen the cosmetic industry laws. You can email your local senators using a contact form and ask them to help Beautycounter, Senator Feinstein and Collins and every person that comprises this push for safety. You can click here for a sample letter to send to your senator. Our voices have to be heard in order for changes to be made. Click on the links embedded above for examples of to send to your senators.


Join Beautycounter’s mission to get safe products into the hands of everyone and support the push to get stronger cosmetic reforms into action!



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