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The health benefits of bone broth

The health benefits of bone broth, make the old saying ‘chicken soup is good for the soul,’  music to your ears. Bone broth has been used for centuries by doctors and mothers alike. Not only is bone broth good for the soul, it has many other touted health benefits too:


  • heals leaky gut
  • boosts immune system
  • reduces cellulite
  • reduces food sensitivities and allergies
  • improves joint function and health



Bone broth is high in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, making it a great compliment for healthy teeth and bones. Bone broth also supports joints, hair, skin, and nails due to its high collagen content. In fact, some researchers even suggest that it helps eliminate cellulite as it supports smooth connective tissue. Another benefit is the amino acids released into the broth. Amino acids boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and improve digestion.


The easiest way I have found to make chicken bone broth, is low and slow with a crock pot. Adding vegetables, spices and herbs make an even more delicious broth to be enjoyed 2-3 times a day.


Slow and Low Chicken Bone Broth


ORGANIC Ingredients:

  • 2-3 roasted chicken carcasses
  • 1 T apple cider vinegar per pound of bones
  • one onion (unpeeled)
  • one head of garlic (unpeeled)
  • celery (including leafy tops)
  • carrots (unpeeled)
  • whole peppercorns
  • bay leaf
  • fresh parsley
  • fresh thyme
  • salt to taste


Roughly chop the celery onions & carrots into 1-2 inch pieces. Leave the nutritious peels on the onions, carrots and leafy ends on the celery. Slice the head of garlic in half crosswise, leaving the peels on it as well.


Add all of the ingredients to a 6 quart (or larger) slow cooker. If yours is smaller, it’s easy to half the recipe using 1 chicken carcass instead of 2, and half of the other ingredients. Add enough water so that everything is immersed–approximately 12 cups of water for a full batch.


Cover and cook on low for 12-24 hours. Honestly, the time is very  flexible. I normally make mine after we have eaten roasted chicken for dinner. I then place the carcass and other ingredients into the slow cooker and let it cook overnight. The result the next day is a healthy chicken broth with the most amazing flavor.




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"From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health."  –Catalan Proverb

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