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Gluten Free Holiday Wishes

Gluten free holiday wishes can come true and be delicious! The holidays are a time to gather family and friends and cook a healthy gluten free meal! My favorite room in the house is the kitchen, and any excuse to cook a healthy homemade meal for family and friends, is awesome! I am known for making a party out of anything I can, again, just to get everyone together to eat, chat and be merry!

Over the last two years of making the gluten free change, I found myself missing the foods I associate with so many memories. Take for example this years Thanksgiving feast. It was my first completely gluten free holiday. I had just my family to cook for, and no one could tell the dishes were all 100% gluten free! My grandma’s corn bread stuffing, apple pie, pumpkin pie, turkey gravy, and fresh made cranberry sauce…all made gluten free, and beyond delicious! So my gift to you, is to share some of my new recipes! Enjoy your gluten free holidays!


Start by serving this delicious, healthy, gluten free recipe for fresh cranberry sauce with a wonderful Christmas ham this season!

2 bags fresh cranberries

1/2 C pineapple juice

1/2 C orange juice

1/2 C apple sauce (no added sugar)

zest and juice of one orange

1/4 C honey


1. Add cranberries, orange and pineapple juices, applesauce, and honey to a medium sauce pan. Bring to a boil.

2. Keep mix on medium heat, stirring constantly, until the cranberries burst. (15-20 minutes)

3. Reduce mixture to a simmer and pour the fresh juice and zest over the mix.

4. Simmer for about 15-20 minutes, then remove from heat.

5. Let the mixture cool completely and then place in the fridge over night ideally, but a minimum of 4 hours is needed to fully complete this delicious sauce!

**This version is not as sweet as store bought cranberry sauce, but still delicious!


Enjoy the holidays and stay tuned for more gluten free, home-loving recipes!



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