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Green Smoothie Benefits

Green Smoothie Benefits to rev up your week and once again keep the good luck and green theme going for the week! There are many more benefits of a green smoothie, however I grabbed a handful of the ones I see as my main motivators to drink the delicious green goodness.


1. Aids with weight loss


2. Anti-aging


3. Energy booster


4. Rehydration


5. Relieves contipation


6. Curbs sugar cravings


7. Makes skin radiant


8. Stabilizes blood sugars


9. Nourishes healthy hair and nail growth


10. Anti-oxidants reduce the risks of diseases


11. Anti-inflammatory


12.  Boosts the immune system



To help keep you on track, or get you started, on a healthy life style, try this delicious green smoothie.  Clean, green and full of fiber, potassium, vitamin C and folate, this smoothie is high in electrolytes and cleanses the skin, kidneys and liver! The apples contain pectin, which is a great form of fiber that may reduce cholesterol levels too. ENJOY!


2 apples

3 celery sticks

1/2 cucumber

Juice of one lemon

Small handful parsley

1 C coconut water

1/4 C mint leaves

handful of kale or spinach


Wash all produce well. Chop ingredients and blend in a high powered blender until smooth. Serve and Enjoy!!





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