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National Lipstick Day

Today is National Lipstick Day, making it the perfect occasion to celebrate one of our beloved makeup products. Our first order of business? Busting several outdated myths about wearing lipstick. If you’ve ever shied away from the color red or followed any of these other ancient commandments, read on for five so-called rules you need to break—starting now. As a Beautycounter consultant, I recommend visiting my site to see all the lip colors we offer.


Red lipstick isn’t for everyone.

Anyone can pull off red lipstick—you simply need to find the right shade. That’s why Christy Coleman, our Head of Creative Design and a fashion and celebrity makeup artist, spent years formulating our universally flattering Lip Sheer in Scarlet. “It honestly looks good on everyone,” she says. “Not too orange, not too blue, the true red hue works on both warm and cool skin tones.”


Never play up your eyes and mouth.

Though we generally stick to a well-balanced look, there’s certainly a time and place for wearing a statement eye and bold lip. “One way of making this work is by keeping it in the same color family,” Christy says. “For example, our Lip Sheer in Plum, a true berry color, enhances the warm purple tone of our Color Shade Eye Duo in Amethyst.”


If you have full lips, you
can’t wear a bold lip color.

You can, as long as you stick to a matte color with just a hint of sheen—anything
too shiny or glossy may give you an overly made-up look. Our buildable Lip Sheers
are the perfect solution, since they go on sheer and can be layered gradually for more color. “For summer, try a hue like Coral, a pinkish orange, or Rose, a vibrant pink,” Christy says.


You need lip liner in
order to make your lipstick last.

If you want your lipstick to last longer but dislike the severity of lip liner, try this trick instead: “After applying lipstick, gently blot your lips with a tissue,” Christy says. “Load a brush with our Mattify Skin Finishing Powder, then powder your entire lip area by pressing the brush across your lips. Finish by applying another layer of lipstick.”


Wearing lipstick will dry out your lips.

Though we can’t speak for other lipsticks, our Lip Sheers were specifically formulated with moisturizing ingredients like jojoba esters and castor oil, so they go on easily and even help condition your lips. “You can also prep lips a few minutes before applying lipstick by smoothing in a little of our hydrating Lip Conditioner Calendula Balm,” Christy says.


Thank you to Beautycounter for posting these 5 lip stick rules to break. Now get to shopping for some new lip colors ladies!


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