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Laughter Is Great Medicine

We have all heard that laughter is great medicine, but do you know why it really is? Having the ability to laugh easily and frequently is a tremendous characteristic. Laughing can help you get over or through problems, enhances your relationships, and supports both physical and emotional health.


Laughter’s Health Benefits:

Lowers blood pressure

Reduces stress hormones

Gives you an ab workout

Improves cardiac health

Boosts immune system (boosts T Cells)

Triggers release of endorphins


Laughter’s Mental Health Benefits:

You can’t feel anxious, angry or sad when you’re laughing!

The feel good endorphins reduce stress, increasing energy that enables you to be focused and get more done.

Laughter changes the way you react to or see situations. Humor can allow you to avoid overwhelming yourself by easing anxiety, improving your mood and enhancing your resilience.


Relationships can be strengthened through humor and a playful demeanor. Laughter triggers positive feelings and fosters an emotional connection within a relationship. When we can laugh together, a positive bond is created. This positive bond acts as a strong buffer against stress, disagreements, and disappointment. That is what makes that bond between best friends and family so amazingly strong. You feel at home, at ease, and comfortable to let loose and have fun!


What are some ways you can laugh? Try some of these ideas, and remember laughter loves company; it is more powerful when shared with someone else:



Play with your children

Watch a funny movie

Tell jokes or funny stories

Be silly

Read a funny book

Be grateful

Hang out with funny people

Go to a comedy show

Play with your pet

Tell funny story about yourself


Laughter can and will set the tone for your day. I think starting and ending the day with happiness and laughter only sets the stage for it to become repetitive!  Laughter and humor take you to a view of the world that is more relaxed, positive, creative, joyful, and balanced. Smile, laugh, have fun! There truly is something to the saying LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE.



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