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Family Recipe For Love

Valentine’s Day is commercialized, I feel, towards couples. Being single in the dating world can make the holiday blah for some, but not for me!! I make sure this holiday is a day to celebrate family love! It takes a special recipe to make and keep a family happy. As a chef, and a mother of 4, I know that little alterations or additions can be made to that family recipe for love. Its a work in progress and it definitely takes patience and understanding. Sometimes there are wounds, that need to heal. The major key to success in healing is to have love and support. We are healing wounds and learning to love in amazing ways. Because we are doing so as a family, the support and patience we share, it kind of intensifies the bonds and growth. A healthy family is important, especially in the lives of growing children. I am glad we are on that path. It feels amazing! I love my family, my 4 beautiful angels, to pieces!


Recipe For A Happy Family




4 Parts Faith

1 Barrel of Laughter

1 Cup Friendship

2 Spoonful’s of Tenderness

4 Cups of Love

3 Cups Forgiveness

2 Cups Loyalty

5 Spoonful’s of Hope




Mix the Love and the Loyalty with Faith.

Add Tenderness and Forgiveness.

Sprinkle with Friendship and Hope.

Season abundantly with Laughter.

Serve with Generosity.



Adjust to your flavor and strength. Life can throw all kids of things at you, but if you keep faith and love in the forefront, this recipe for a happy family is a winner. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Hug the ones you love today! They are all precious gifts in your life.


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“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” –Plato

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