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Packing Hacks From A Professional Organizer

Barbara Reich of  Resourceful Consultants recently shared with Beautycounter, her ‘top 5 packing hacks from a professional organizer that you need to know’. Perhaps you are getting ready to jet off for a fabulous July 4th weekend, and you might know the best way to pack and protect your delicate items, like makeup. Barbara’s tips will help you for sure.


1. When you have a delicate item such as your Lustro Body Oils, you’ll need to carefully place them so they don’t get broken. Barbara suggests rolling them in a t-shirt or scarf and them placing that inside a shoe for even more protection. Your whole makeup bag is safest if placed in the middle of your suitcase. Then its surrounded with padding.


2. A fear that most women probably share, is the fear of getting to your destination with broken powders! “Cut a small square of tissue the size of your powder or eye shadow compact, then place it in the compact in order to prevent breakage,” Barbara suggests. She states that the tissue acts as a shock absorber and will keep your powders protected.


3. To save space you can use beauty products that do double duty, like Beautycounter Color Pinch Cream Blusher, which can be used as a lip color and cream blush, and Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage, which gives you tinted skin coverage and sun protection. This will help you save room in your bag.


4. If you take the time to protect your items, you can prevent accidents from happening down the road. Nothing more frustrating that having your clothes soaked in something that leaked in your bag! Barbara suggests  placing “a small piece of duct tape on any product that has a chance of leaking, like shampoos and lotions.”


5. Makeup brushes can be an item that gets over looked. They are delicate and are often just tossed into make up bags where they get damaged and dirty. She suggests placing your brush set in a pencil case to keep them safe for travel.


Now that your bags are packed, your items are secure and protected, you’re off to enjoy your vacation! Bon Voyage, Adios, Au Revoir, Ciao, Aloha and have a great time, and don’t forget your luxurious Beautycounter products!!

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