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Kidscounter Nice Do Shampoo

Our Kidscounter line was created as a passion project for Beautycounter founder Gregg Renfrew who wanted to make certain that her three kids were bathing in the safest suds possible. So, instead of packing the line with commonly-found surfactants and artificial fragrances, we leaned on some of Mother Nature’s most nutrient-filled offerings like broccoli seed oil, carrot root and cranberry fruit extracts, and safflower oil to deliver safe and effective cleaning power. We promise, getting your children to indulge in their fruits and veggies has never been such good, clean fun.



Kidscounter Nice Do Shampoo, leaves hair shiny, soft and absolutely safe. Beautycoutners pH balanced shampoo for kids is toxic-free and gentle enough for daily use. Made with a mix of broccoli seed oil and extracts of carrot root and strawberry, this gluten-free formula leaves hair looking shiny and soft. The best part? The creamsicle-inspired scent is made from a pure mix of citrus oils and vanilla fruit extract.




Kidscounter shampoo uses mild cleansing agents derived from coconut and amino acids instead of harsh surfactants such as SLS and SLES (both on Beautycounter’s Never List). Scented with essential oils rather than with synthetic fragrance.


Our kids deserve better. We all deserve better, and at Beautycounter, we’re doing something about it. Our mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. We’ve created a comprehensive line of beautiful products, made safe.



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