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Food For Fuel

Have you ever wondered what the best foods are to eat before or after a workout? Here are a few suggestions for the right food for fuel. The body needs energy before and during the work out so getting protein, carbohydrates and fiber will give the body sufficient stores to get you through.


Pre work out meals or snacks should be consumed 45min to an hour before workout, allowing the body to properly digest the foods. Here are some suggestions to give you the carbohydrates, fiber and protein your body needs to have that good fuel to work hard.


Bananas: Potassium and fast acting carbs for muscle and nerve function

Oats: Fiber, carbs for energy

Caffeine: Energy to withstand fatigue and can increase fat burn

Fruit smoothie: Protein and complex carbs along with simple carbs

Chick peas: Protein, carbs and fiber

Dried fruit: Protein and carbs for energy

Whole grain toast: Fiber for slow release energy

Chicken breast and brown rice: Protein and carbs

Greek yogurt: Protein and low sugar to give you an energy boost

Egg whites: Protein to keep you from getting sluggish


Your body uses a lot of energy during a workout. If you don’t replenish it within an hour or two after finishing, your muscles won’t properly recover, and all your hard work could go to waste. Even a small fistful of food within 15 minutes of working out goes a long way. Here are some suggested after workout foods, along with their ‘super powers’ which make the body reap the benefits of all your hard work!


Eggs: Protein and carbs, along with vitamin D

Quinoa: Protein, carbs, and fiber

Orange juice: Vitamin C and potassium to retore fluid levels

Kefir: Probiotic, and dairy proteins help with lean muscle mass and weight loss

Bananas: Carbs and potassium to help rebuild muscles

Salmon: Anti-inflammatory dose of Omega 3 an a good dose of protein

Blueberries: Antioxidant that research shows can triple your rate of recovery after workouts.

Whole grain pita and hummus: Protein and carbs that are slowly released, to keep your energy up

Dried fruit and nuts: Protein and carbs for building the muscles

Pineapple: Anti-inflammatory, because it contains bromelain. Also Vitamin C for tissue repair.

Sweet potatoes: Carbs, multiple vitamins, including B6, C, D, potassium and magnesium.

Kiwi: Vitamin C, potassium and is an anti-oxidant that will help with muscle soreness

Water: Obvious one here…you need to hydrate after a workout.


Make the most of your work out by giving your body the fuel it needs before and the nutrients it needs after to make the muscles recover, build and be ready for the next amazing work out.  Nutrition is as important as the exercise, they work together to give you the best results.




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