Success Increases Love

“Do what you do with love, and success is a natural symptom.”  
— James Altucher


Our meditation today is about understanding the central role love plays in our success. We might think that our relationships, our passions, and caring for ourself and for others may only be a small factor in our overall success in life. But these bonds of love define our emotional core and tell us who we are and how we are connected to the world.


These currents of love, caring, and passion are what awaken our creativity and carry us forward to accomplish big things in life. By tapping into your love, you are establishing your success on your core values and truths. Living your life from that center of love, you can only be successful.


Our centering thought for today is: I am here to bring more love into the world


Mantra: Aham Prema 

This mantra helps you embody love in every action. Prema means “love.” It includes divine love, human love, and universal love. Prema is the cosmic force of consciousness that holds everything together. Ahammeans “I am.” Aham Prema is an affirmation that your core self is pure love, and it puts your life energy in resonance with the love principle running through existence.





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