Here is a story to share

Here is a story to share…it was shared with me this morning and has been on my mind all day. I guess it really hit home for me. Being an emotional person has its strengths and weaknesses. Learning how to control those emotions, and express them when appropriate, can be a challenge sometimes. I am learning with each day, that I have to remain aware of myself. Start each day with meditation, get centered, clear your mind and find that balance that will help you remain in control each day. Showing empathy, sympathy, compassion, or just plain old emotions, are not a sign of weakness or vulnerability.


There are several areas of this NY Times article, ‘Medicating Women’s Feelings’, that really make you think. Some great points are made regarding how the emotions that we feel or express may not need to be medicated, but are just natural reactions to the situation you are in. I think that calls for one to examine what is in their life and how can it be changed. So much to think about, too much to cover it all in my synopsis. Please read the following article and think on it, feel it.




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"From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health."  –Catalan Proverb

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