Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat. Simple instruction to make a difference right? Are you asking why you should recycle? Oh let me count the reasons! 🙂


For me, the easy, simple reasons; less garbage, its inexpensive, and its good for the environment. You get a sense of pride when you know, that by recycling items, you are keeping waste from giant landfills and our precious oceans and water sources. What can be recycled? Nearly everything around us can be recycled. Recyclable items can be biodegradable items, clothes, batteries, metals, plastics, glass, electronics, paper, wood and so much more. With the hustle and bustle of current lifestyles, there are more ‘to go’ meals, resulting in more recyclable containers and materials. So make the effort to get those containers where they belong, in your recycling bins!


Nearly everywhere you go now, you can find a recycling bin too. This convenience allows everyone to participate. It just takes a conscience effort. Think about the money you save by recycling. Reducing the amount of garbage, on garbage day, could lower your bill, as most recycling services are free or inexpensive. Purchased items that are made from recyclable materials are cheaper. Fewer raw materials, like trees, have to be processed to make items, saving the earth, and your money. Less energy is needed to make items using recycled materials, than raw materials. By saving energy, the impact on global warming and the carbon foot print left behind is reduce too. These simple reasons should give you enough motivation to participate in recycling. It is as simple as:


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat.

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