Radiating Wisdom

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.” —George Dorsey


We value the wisdom of those who have learned well from their life experiences. Today we will learn that there is another kind of wisdom valued by the spiritual traditions of the world, and that is the wisdom gained from meditation. This spiritual wisdom is what we are cultivating during our 21-Day Meditation Experience. As we delve deeper into our awareness, we uncover greater knowledge and joy. We see our essential connection with everyone else from the vantage point of unity consciousness.


This is the level of awareness that the ancient seers prized, the joyful wisdom of the awakened mind that emanates insight, happiness, and love to all. Our meditation today will support this natural radiation of wisdom from our being.


Our centering thought for today is: My being is wise and knowing.


Mantra: Vedohum


Veda is the unmanifest wisdom of life underlying all creation. Vedohumaffirms the reality of this infinite knowledge within our awareness and encourages it to guide our thought and action. The awakening to this knowledge brings an upsurge of bliss in consciousness.



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