Radiating Grace

“The quality of mercy is not strain’d . . . it is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.” 

—William Shakespeare



Grace is an important aspect of expanding our happiness, because it is through grace that we express love and blessings completely and unconditionally. We are each a source and conduit of grace.


Grace is a loving power and presence that elevates and brightens whatever the challenge or situation might be. As we mature into our authentic selves, we are more open, receptive, and expansive, and so we naturally feel the influence of more grace in our lives. It is this same expansiveness and openness that makes it easy for us to radiate that grace along to others.


Radiating grace is not about adopting an attitude of sainthood, and offering benedictions to family and friends. It happens naturally, in moments as simple as passing along, or sharing, the fullness of heart that you feel when you offer a helpful gesture or kind word. When we share grace, our happiness increases many fold.


Today’s meditation facilitates this free flow of nature’s grace from your life to others.


Our centering thought for today is: I share my divine blessings.

Mantra: Prasada Hum


Prasad is a divine gift or blessing. Prasad is also that state of divine generosity that uplifts and blesses. Prasada Hum aligns our awareness to this state and the process of giving as well as receiving blessings.




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