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Today’s Kids Corner Quote is another inspirational quote that is to help you see beyond all imperfections, and keep a great and positive attitude on life. Not all kids have that guidance and can look ahead. Learning now, can only make our futures even better!



“Being happy doesn’t mean every things perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections” – Anonymous


This quote is very inspiring because it teaches not only yourself, but everyone around you to see or take imperfect things, and make them perfect by being happy and seeing the positive side of those imperfections. This quote makes me think differently about the world because it actually teaches me to be positive and to see the positive things in the world. Life isn’t always going to be good, or easy, but you can see the lesson or pull something good from every situation. So when a situation gets you down, or doesn’t go your way, step back and take a look at what is happening. See what is to be learned, feel what is being sent to you in that moment. It may not always be what you want it to be, like rainbows and puppy dogs, but life is about learning, and being able to find the positive side of things is a great life trait. I hope this makes you see the bright side of life and gives you a positive look on the world like I do. Be a role model and encourage others to try and see it too. Happiness and being positive is contagious! 🙂



Today’s Kids Corner by: Kaila, 12



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