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Grace Is Replying

“The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you can live fully in the present.”  

— Dana Arcuri



In today’s meditation, we explore how gratitude engages us in the evolutionary flow of life. When we offer the world our gratitude, grace responds and completes the circle. Our inner and outer worlds merge into one harmonious flow of existence.


As we use our gratitude to join this awakening of joy and beauty around us, we also find that our life becomes easier, more fun, and more meaningful. This nurturing power of grace comes from the source of Being which sustains everyone and everything in the universe. As human beings we can consciously choose to step into this flow of grace to enrich and elevate our lives.


Our centering thought for today is: Grace is flowing back to me.

Mantra: Twam Eva Mata 


This mantra reveals the truth that our connection with the world is an interactive spiritual relationship. By relating to the world with love and appreciation, we receive unconditional love and support in response, just as a mother to her child. As you repeat the mantra, feel your individual connection to your universal existence as an intimate relationship, like a child to its mother.



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Awaken the Energy of Gratitude

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. ”  

— Karl Barth



In today’s meditation, we learn how to recharge our gratitude batteries. If we are tired, upset, or stressed, then our heart is closed and we are not able to feel or express real gratitude. Genuine gratitude comes from a feeling of contentment, safety, and being welcomed in your life – what Buddha called the “gladdened heart.”


This natural energy of gratitude is awakened when we meditate. Our intention in meditation will be to invite this warm attitude of appreciation into our awareness and perception. With this recharged heart of thankfulness we will find reason to be grateful wherever we look.


Our centering thought for today is: I am gladdening my heart.

Mantra: Ananda Hum 


This mantra awakens the state of fulfillment that is your true self. Anandais the inherent bliss, joy, and fulfillment of existence. Ananda Hum aligns your Being with this reality.






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Gratitude Is Within You

“Gratitude is the experience of our true self.”  

— Gina Lakes



Gratitude is a two-way flow of appreciation between your thanks and the uplifting response that you feel in return. Today in our meditation, we begin that conversation and find that as this conversation expands, we create even more thankfulness. We will learn how the flow of gratitude from the heart is received by Nature in the same spirit it is given, and it is returned back to us as grace. In today’s meditation, we learn to express gratitude from the silence of our awareness, which is the source of grace within.



Our centering thought for today is: All good things bring gratitude


Mantra: Kripa Hum; This mantra identifies your essence as pure grace and sets in motion the flow of grace through gratitude



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How mantras enhance your meditations

Dear Friend,


Today marks the second day of Manifesting Grace through Gratitude! As we set out on our journey, you may find yourself wondering, what is a mantra?


Mantras are powerful tools to support your meditation practice. These Sanskrit syllables are carefully chosen to work with and empower the teaching of the day. As you silently repeat the mantra during meditation, a few things happen:


  • You quiet your mind – Repetition of the mantra helps you move beyond your thoughts and access the stillness within.
  • You experience deeper awareness. The mental vibration created by the mantra allows your mind to access pure awareness.
  • Make sure you won’t be interrupted – With daily use during meditation, the mantra helps your body, mind, and spirit relax into their true essence – pure potentiality and happiness.


It is our hope that these mantras help bring the gifts of grace and gratitude into your life each day.


21-Day Meditation Experience Team

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The Path to Grace Begins Today

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.”  

Maya Angelou


Welcome to a new 21-Day Experience, Manifesting Grace through Gratitude. We are excited that you are joining us on this inward journey of gratitude and grace. Together we will discover how to make grace the active center of your life here and now.


The source of grace already resides within our own awareness. We don’t need to go anywhere or search anywhere to find it, we only need to change our perception of what is already around us. In the next three weeks we will learn how gratitude shifts our awareness, changing our approach to others and the world. This new perspective will reveal the grace that already inhabits our life.


Our centering thought for today is: When I am grateful, I find my grace.




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The Success That Transcends Success

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

— Lao Tzu


CENTERING THOUGHT: I exist beyond all limitations.

I am the wholeness of life.


Today is the bonus day of our 21-Day Meditation Experience. We are delighted to offer a special meditation on the kind of success that transcends success. That is the spiritual success that frees you from any mundane version of success. This liberation of consciousness has no limitations or definition. It is the awakened human spirit rejoicing in its own existence and freedom.Knowing your true self is the greatest achievement you can attain. It is the success beyond all success.


deepak oprah




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Nearing the End


Dear Friend,

Congratulations on completing the third week of Manifesting True Success! It has been our privilege to spend this past week with you, as we learned how to:


*leverage the organizing power of our awareness and turn unpredictability into creative possibility

*release resistance and judgment to unlock our inner potential and attract new opportunities each day

*experience firsthand that expanded awareness is the key to organic growth, deeper insight, and true success


As we near the end of our time together, we’d like to express our infinite gratitude for your presence on this incredible journey. Take a moment to honor yourself and your incredible commitment to expanding your awareness these past 21 days.


Be sure to join us tomorrow for our special bonus day, in which we will reveal one final secret for attaining the kind of fulfilling, meaningful success that truly matters. We look forward to meditating with you at the conclusion of our incredible journey together.



Until later my friends.



deepak oprah


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Success Comes From All Directions

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive
of the environment in which you first find yourself.”

— Mark Caine


Congratulations on completing this 21-Day Meditation Experience! It’s been a delight to have you with us on this journey. We have looked at the ingredients for true success, yet there still might be a misconception that success can only come when the ideal circumstances arise. But rarely are all circumstances ideal for success.


It is important to realize that success, like reality itself, is multi-dimensional, not linear. Don’t let your old limited beliefs blind you to the unexpected support that can come from any direction. Successful living needs your awareness to be creative, expansive, and receptive to all possibilities, just like creation itself.


Thank you for sharing your time with us, and may your light be a blessing to the world.


CENTERING THOUGHT: I open every avenue for my success.

I am the infinite.


This mantra affirms the limitless, unbounded nature of your Being.Akhanda means “endless, unlimited, or infinite.” Hum means “I am.” This mantra opens awareness to the endless possibilities of success in your life.


deepak oprah




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Success Is Without Judgment

“If we listened to our intellect, we’d never have a love affair… or go into business. You’ve got to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down.”

— Annie Dillard


Today’s meditation is about learning to let go of negative judgment about others and yourself. When we judge, we are resisting life and blocking the flow of existence. It’s not that we need to pretend there aren’t problems, difficult people, and flaws within our personalities. There certainly are. But if we learn to focus our attention on the positive features that are emerging, then we will be encouraging that unfolding potential, instead of giving more attention to the imperfections and strengthening them.



Being non-judgmental means being your truest self, following your unique path in life while cooperating and working in harmony with the universe. This is the aim of today’s meditation.


CENTERING THOUGHT: I find my success without judging others or myself.

I open my consciousness to universal compassion.


This mantra helps cultivate compassion and acceptance for yourself and others. Karuna means “the pure compassion borne of the knowledge of our absolute connection to everyone.” Namah means “I open my individuality to its true universality.” This mantra opens the heart so you can feel the connection you share with everyone.


deepak oprah




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Success Meets No Resistance

“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.”

— Billy Wilder


In today’s meditation we look more closely at what to do when we don’t yet have full trust that the universe is organizing our success. If we don’t feel that trust and flow with the unseen forces that are guiding our way, then we try to control the people and events around us. We create resistance and rigidity. To address this, we will experiment with non-resistance.
Practicing non-resistance means we allow people to be who they are; we limit our criticisms and judgments. We permit them the same freedom to act that we expect for ourselves. Non-resistance is about learning to be an appreciative, compassionate observer. You are letting higher consciousness do the main work while adding your own contribution.

Our meditation today helps to open our awareness to this cosmic flow of life within, releasing resistance and control.


CENTERING THOUGHT: I always intend to be in the flow.

SANSKRIT MANTRA: Om Durgayay Namah
I invoke the nurturing, protective power of Mother Nature.


This mantra develops a sense of trust and ease with the flow of your life. Durga is the divine energy of nurturing and protection. It is the motherly, nourishing force of life. Namah means “I open my individuality to its true universality.” This mantra helps you feel secure and safe, allowing your constriction and resistance to melt away.


deepak oprah



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