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Gratitude Brings Compassion

We are all of one light on this one Earth, and loving humanity makes all the difference.”  

— Michelle Cruz-Rosado



Today’s meditation shows us how expressing gratitude easily leads to compassion. We all know that to be spiritual we are supposed to be compassionate, but with all the negativity and injustice we see around us, it’s easy for our egos to feel justified being judgmental and critical.


However, when you find reasons to feel grateful to someone, you are bridging the gulf of separation between the two of you. You can’t be thankful and resentful at the same time. That connection you feel when you are thankful is your shared humanity – it is the ground of compassion. A compassionate heart is accepting and forgiving not only to others, but to yourself as well.



Our centering thought for today is: When I have no judgment, I see everyone with kindness.


Mantra: Karuna Hum 

This mantra develops deep compassion for all living beings by knowing and experiencing others as part of your own self. It is deep compassion that allows you to see another person as yourself



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Succeeding through Gratitude


“Having contentment and gratitude in the present moment is the surest way to achieve success.”  

— Bryant McGill




When grace guides our thoughts and actions, our success will be fulfilling and meaningful. Today’s meditation shows us how the practice of gratitude can guide our success in an intelligent and compassionate direction. This type of success is different from the ego-driven success, which seeks to hold, control, and keep the object of desire as a way to feel better about itself.


However, if your success is driven from gratitude and grace in your heart, then you are connected to your true self and your success always feels complete and fulfilling.



Our centering thought for today is: I find true success through inner fulfillment.


Mantra: Om Kleem Shreem 

This mantra affirms that you deserve the fulfillment of all your deepest desires. Shreem is the mantra associated with nature’s beauty, love, and abundance. Kleem is the sound that attracts those qualities to you. This mantra cultivates a feeling of appreciation and gratitude for the abundance in life.






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Loving With Gratitude


“The more grateful we are, the more connected we become to the universe around us.”  

— Stephen Richards


Today’s meditation is about divine love, the spiritual grace that supports everyone and everything. This love is always there whether we see it or not. Gratitude, when offered to another person, is really an expression of love. Like all forms of love, gratitude removes the feeling of separation and distance between hearts. It is an affirmation of our common existence.


Gratitude takes us out of our ego self that may be afraid to love because of insecurity, vulnerability, or fear of rejection. When we learn to feel gratitude with a full heart, we are learning to love unconditionally. Living this divine love is living in grace.


Our centering thought for today is: Love is the truest sign of grace in my life.


Mantra: Aham Prema 

This mantra reveals your true nature as pure love. Prema means love, the flowing energy that connects us all. This mantra helps you express love in every word and action. When we see the world and others with the eyes of love, our hearts are filled with gratitude and grace.



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Nature’s Generosity Is Waiting

“The most fortunate are those who have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder and even ecstasy.”  — Abraham Maslow



In today’s meditation, we learn that Nature is always ready to give to us and support us. We only need to open ourselves to that infinite abundance and connect with it. Gratitude is the way we contact Nature’s generosity and bring its support directly into our lives.


This expansive, engaged relationship with Nature reestablishes our mind-body system to its healthy, balanced state. Instead of feeling constricting fear and anxiety, our expansive awareness now blossoms and shares its generosity of spirit. Expanded awareness improves the entire functioning of your body as well, from your cells to your genes.


Our centering thought for today is: The more grateful I am, the more my life is supported.


Mantra: Om Purnam Adah 

This mantra affirms that nature is inherently full, abundant, and complete. The infinite consciousness we experience as the universe around us is as complete and whole as our inner universe, because they are the same consciousness. Recognize that wholeness as unconditional grace filling every aspect of your life




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Gratitude Expands Every Relationship

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”  

— Marcel Proust



In today’s meditation, we explore how gratitude can transform all our relationships. It starts when you express gratitude or appreciation to another person. The transformation begins when you have the thought of gratitude and your brain translates that feeling into beneficial biochemical and neurological changes in your body. The feeling of gratitude also expands the heart, which has the effect of erasing old grievances and soothing resentments and petty differences we may have been holding onto.


Gratitude is wonderful in that it gives these same benefits to the body and heart of the giver as well as the receiver of gratitude. When someone is thanked or appreciated, they generate the same biochemical changes and feel the same expansion and healing of the heart. This back-and-forth flow of grace uplifts and opens every aspect of our relationship with that person.


Our centering thought for today is: Gratitude flows in a loving relationship.


Mantra: Namasté 

This mantra means “I see my core self in everyone.” This recognition is a wave of love and grace. Your knowing light of awareness recognizes itself in the light of awareness of another.



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Changing Your Personal Reality

“The thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.”  

— Henry Ward Beecher



Today’s meditation gives us the starting place for transforming reality – our own self. Reality is not an impersonal experience or concept. It is personal, and how we see it and relate to it is a product of our unique history, attitudes, and beliefs. We are unique in who we are, unique in how we see the world, and unique in the reality we experience.


The core of our awareness is the source of our beliefs, feelings, and attitudes, and therefore that is the place from which we can change our personal reality. This inner awareness is an ever-present field of possibilities. We always have the possibility or choice for change at any moment. Gratitude is a practice that empowers us in this choice to see the opportunities in our life with fresh eyes.


Our centering thought for today is: My personal reality begins inside me


Mantra: Om Hreem 

This mantra opens awareness to the eternal present that exists in every changing moment. It reveals the unchanging, unbounded quality of consciousness within every experience.



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Gratitude Benefits Mind and Body

“There is no prescription for finding moments of gratitude in every day; there is simply the choice.”  

— Gillian Deacon



This week we will extend our understanding and experience of gratitude to the mind-body connection. Gratitude is much more than an attitude or mood – it is a powerful positive input to our mind-body system that leads to increased physical and psychological wellbeing.


Grateful thoughts and meditative states don’t just stay in your mind. Messenger molecules instantly transmit their effects to the body’s 100 trillion cells, creating new brain cells and new pathways and brain patterns. The practice of gratitude has even been found to change our gene expression in a positive direction.


By directing our awareness toward gratitude, our entire mind-body system is automatically oriented toward greater health and balance.



Our centering thought for today is: Every thankful moment makes me healthier.

Mantra: Shara Vana Ya 


This mantra attunes your intentions with the intentions of the cosmos. This activates the purposeful force of intention to transform present circumstances into favorable opportunities.




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Obstacles to Grace Melt Away

“To live a life of gratitude is to open our eyes to the countless ways we are supported by the world around us.”  

— Gregg Krech



In today’s meditation, we look at how grace can dissolve the resistance and obstacles we find in our life. We’ve all had times when we’ve struggled and encountered obstacles. These outer resistances are signals from our true self that there is some inner resistance, which comes from the limiting belief that we are a separate self. These beliefs are often a sense of entitlement, selfishness, or pessimism, and they block the natural flow of gratitude and grace.


As we practice gratitude, our perspective expands and we see we are not isolated at all. We are supported by the generosity of the universe in endless ways. Seeing this, our negativity, sense of entitlement, and all obstacles dissolve like morning mist with the rising sun.


Our centering thought for today is: When I don’t resist, I am in grace

Mantra: Prani Dhana 


This mantra guides awareness in the natural process of letting go of constricted, conditioned thinking and expanding into the unlimited self. This is the true meaning of surrendering – awareness accepting and embracing its full universality.



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Gratitude Is in the Present


“Just be, right now, here; and breathe. Begin to trust the magic of yourself.”  

— Nikki Rowe



In today’s meditation, we discover how gratitude makes the present moment fully alive, awake, and enriched. We will learn how every instant of our life is a unique gift and that when we are awake to this special value of the Now, we step into a state of grace.


So much of our cultural conditioning pulls us out of the present moment, striving for an impossible ideal in the future. Somewhere outside this present time, we hope to have what we currently lack, or look like what we think we should look like, and feel the happiness we don’t feel now. But this assumes that the present is inherently lacking, and the present is all we ever know. Practicing gratitude turns this around so that we find our completeness in the present moment.


Our centering thought for today is: Every moment is filled with grace


Mantra: Samprati Hum

This mantra reminds us that our true self is ever-present awareness. Simply being awake in the Now is the natural state of gratitude. This presence of grace is your essential nature.



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Gratitude Awakens the True Self

The road to happiness starts with a deep breath and an awareness of the many blessings tied to that single breath.”  

— Richelle E. Goodrich




We might think that to live in grace requires us to pursue a devout lifestyle and retreat from the world. However, we have learned that grace abides in all things, all places, and all times. If we go beyond our changing personalities to connect with our essential self, we contact this ever-present grace and can live this state of grace even in the everyday world.



Our true self is peaceful, but not inert. It is intelligent, powerful, and intimately involved in our every wish and dream. The true self has the creative power and intelligence to direct and manifest your life’s journey. When you step into and participate with life from this level, you are always grateful and find grace everywhere.


Our centering thought for today is: My true self is always grateful.


Mantra: Kritajna Hum 

This mantra cultivates an awareness that naturally looks at the world with gratitude. It is a fully present state of consciousness.



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