Being of Service

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 

—Maya Angelou



Today in meditation we activate the sense of service. But instead of approaching service in the conventional sense, as a sort of obligation, we will look at it from the perspective of higher states of consciousness. In this view, service is not only a humanitarian effort, it is a path of joy and self-realization. It is an opportunity to grow in happiness, not a duty.


Service is listening and acting in response to a call for the unique gifts your life offers. This call is not based on your ego needs, nor does it come from social expectations. The call to service comes from your universal self, the cosmic part of you that directs your spiritual evolution or dharma. This is why being of service to the world is really a joyful expansion of the self.


Today’s meditation brings our awareness in accord to this vision of service.


Our centering thought for today is: My soul expands when I help others.


Matra: Seva Hum


Seva is the Sanskrit word for service. Seva is action performed for the sake of others, but more specifically it is action that is not motivated by individual desire. Instead, it is action prompted by the impulse of spiritual growth and freedom. This is why wisdom traditions extol service as a path to enlightenment. Seva Hum stirs this selfless impulse and instills the joy of helping others as its own reward.



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