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The Perfect Blend of Science and Nature.™

Kassie Westmoreland

Emphasizing the importance of diet and vital nutrients—the natural disease-preventing “medicines” that people need daily.

Artfully blending her knowledge and experience of science and nature, Kassie Westmoreland, the ecoPharmacist® empowers people to initiate positive change in how they perceive and participate in their health and wellness decisions, as well as their earth conservation choices. In the circle of life that makes up our world, human health and planet health are interdependent.

Kassie came naturally to ecoPharmacy®. She grew up in lush green Oregon, in a small farming community of healthy, energetic people who prized the earth’s beauty and respected its abundant gifts. Kassie grew up eating fresh food direct from the garden and local farmers, and relying on natural “medicines” to treat ailments whenever possible. The seeds for the ecoPharmacist® were planted in Kassie in those early years, and have continued to grow into her adulthood.

Kassie’s interests naturally drew her to wellness, and her love of health and science led her to become highly educated in science, pharmacy, health, and wellness.

As a trained registered Pharmacist, Kassie goes beyond dispensing: she focuses on actual care. She listens to people – their questions, answers, testimonials, and applies her scientific knowledge and her practical experience to benefit the wellness of thousands.

Kassie rounded out her knowledge and experience in healthcare by working for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech firms. She worked with physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, and other healthcare staff to gain business insight into what is important to deliver the best patient care.

Through community outreach, education, and promotion of all-natural whole foods, herbs, and supplements, Kassie shares what she lives: honoring and reinforcing the bond between humanity and the Earth by developing healthy bodies in a healthy environment.


Empowering individuals to initiate
positive change in their health
and wellness decisions.


  • A strong committment to nature and healing through natural elements.
  • A deep understanding of medication, supplements & their effects on the body.
  • A belief that simple lifestyle choices can promote overall health & happiness.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." –Albert Einstein

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