A Successful Body

“A healthy body and a sound mind are necessary to achieve success in life.”  

— Yajur Veda



Our body is our primary supporter and ally for all the success we make in life. To be our solid foundation of success, our body must be aligned with the present moment, and with our goals, our values, and our loves. For that we must free the body from the false images the media and society tell us is the ideal body. Those external standards of youthful beauty and attractiveness are not the criteria for a successful body.


For your body to be a true ally in a successful life, it only needs to support your wellbeing. That means not only general physical health, but also a sense of energy and lightness that upholds your awareness in the present moment with alertness, receptivity, and creativity. You can have this kind of a body if you treat it as a dear and trusted friend. If you make choices for your body on this basis, your body will take care of your wellbeing and that will express itself as a successful life.


Our centering thought for today is: I gain lightness and energy from my body.

Mantra: Om Ram Ramaya 


This mantra activates balance, strength, and healing in the body. The sound Ram (rhymes with mom) brings powerful balancing and healing qualities directly into your physical body, mind, and emotions. The repetition of this mantra often has the effect of creating a surge of bliss through the body.




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“Our bodies are our gardens—our wills are our gardeners.” –Shakespeare

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