A Back To School Craft To Prep Your Brain

So as you may have read in the title, this article is all about a craft for you and your kids to do! This craft is not only fun and creative, but it actually helps prep your child’s brain for school!

1. Origami Fortune Teller:

This is the first craft. This craft helps them think like all origami projects. So the first step to make this craft is get a full sized piece of paper of any kind. So fold your piece of paper in half horizontally. Crease the fold then unfold it. Now mountain fold it or into a right triangle with space at the bottom. Cut of the extra paper on the bottom and unfold the triangle into a square. Now for the easy part. Fold each of the corners of the square inwards. once you’ve done that flip it over and fold the corners inward on the other side. After folding the corners, fold the Fortune Teller in half horizontally and get ready to tell fortunes!


Today’s Kids Corner was written By: Kaila Buchanan, Age 11

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