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Gratitude Brings Compassion

We are all of one light on this one Earth, and loving humanity makes all the difference.”  

— Michelle Cruz-Rosado



Today’s meditation shows us how expressing gratitude easily leads to compassion. We all know that to be spiritual we are supposed to be compassionate, but with all the negativity and injustice we see around us, it’s easy for our egos to feel justified being judgmental and critical.


However, when you find reasons to feel grateful to someone, you are bridging the gulf of separation between the two of you. You can’t be thankful and resentful at the same time. That connection you feel when you are thankful is your shared humanity – it is the ground of compassion. A compassionate heart is accepting and forgiving not only to others, but to yourself as well.



Our centering thought for today is: When I have no judgment, I see everyone with kindness.


Mantra: Karuna Hum 

This mantra develops deep compassion for all living beings by knowing and experiencing others as part of your own self. It is deep compassion that allows you to see another person as yourself



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